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Australian Outsourcing Solution

Australian Outsourcing Solution


Quality bookkeeping is vital to any business. At DDA, we make it our mission to ensure that as an accounting outsourcing partner, the financial transactions and records of the company are kept up-to-date and accurate allowing key decision makers to rely on management reports.
By leveraging our bookkeeping services, we can help reduce costs of routine clerical or accounting processes, and improve the efficiency of the year end compliance process allowing you the time and resources to focus on growing and developing the business.
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Welcome to DDA – Superannuation Specialist you can trust.
We deliver a range of SMSF services to Accountants, Auditors and Financial Advisers. As a trusted partner, our goal is to:

  • Assist Accounting Firms with the administration and management of SMSF’s. We ease your workload while protecting and improving your margins.
  • Assist the SMSF Auditor with review SMSF financials and compliances from the SIS legislation perspective; prepare the requisite audit checklists and draft audit letters/reports.
  • Support Financial Advisers so that they can confidently offer their clients assistance with the establishment and ongoing management of SMSF’s. We tailor a solution that complements your client value proposition.

We also assist you with technical support to help you help your clients understand the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of this type of structure. We are SMSF administration specialists, who work with you to help you help your clients achieve effective and efficient compliance with their funds.

Working as a silent partner, Shape Super understands the intricacies, workload and cost of administering SMSF’s.
Let us help you to meet your clients SMSF needs.


  • Experienced Chartered Accountants and Graduates for the work
  • 360-degree solution
  • Small and experienced team for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Hourly Rate, Fixed Price, or Pay per Transaction depending upon nature of work. Our team will work with you through the quotation process to determine the most suitable method for the work you require.

Outsourcing to DDA

Outsourcing is no longer the preserve of big business. Small accounting firms  are now increasingly using offshore labour to reduce staff costs and improve margins. All businesses in Australia are looking to cut costs and this includes reducing accountants’ fees. While upscaling and offering a higher level of service to clients is important and attractive, maintaining profit margins from compliance work is essential to any firm’s survival and competitive edge.

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